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Pipe cutting for all profiles

 Rotation and horizontal positioning is implemented via work piece movement when laser cutting pipes and profiles. Additional machine axes move the laser cutting head upward via a Z feeder and if need be, at an angle via additional tipping axes. Fast distance measuring directly controls the Z axis and ensures that there is an absolutely constant distance between the nozzle and work piece with complex profile forms at any pipe position. In addition to CO2 lasers, multiple fiber-guided solid-state lasers are used as well that provide a higher cutting speed with approx. 6 mm and can also machine light alloy and non-ferrous metal.  Automated pipe cutting requires various cutting head configurations with motorized focus position adjustment and sensor supported monitoring and control functions that match the productivity and layout of the installation.  

ProCutter – the cutting head for every task
Cutting nonferrous metals

Nonferrous metal can hardly be cut with CO2 due to its high reflectivity in the remote infrared spectrum range. The ProCutter with fiber laser can cut it easily. It is protected against stray back reflections. In addition, nonferrous metal absorbs the laser wavelengths of the fiber laser better, which makes the machining process more technically and economically interesting.

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