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3D applications flexible and solid

Either 5 axes systems or robots are used for more complex work piece geometries. Fiber-guided lasers are used in most cases with robot systems. The insufficient path accuracy of robots and partial and positioned tolerances often require the axes systems integrated in the cutting head. These control the distance from the work piece or simulating small forms with high precision. Cutting systems are often a component of entire production lines with difficult environmental conditions. The operators place great demand on interference resistance and maintenance-friendly cutting heads. Custom solutions with cutting heads with internal or external axis systems and communication interfaces are available for 3D applications. 

Laser cutting of auto body components and profiles

Automotive manufacturers use hot-worked heavy duty steels in auto body production that are difficult to machine with conventional methods. Cut outs on IHU components are often only assembled later due to the process. Today, robot guided laser cutting is the flexible and high-production method for machining high-strength auto body components and profiles. The robot-guided, highly dynamic laser head makes openings and trims e.g. B-pillars at up to 20 m/min. without tool wear.  

Greatest possible flexibility with highest precision

In case of insufficient robot track accuracy, the FormCutter is the right solution. The system includes a cutting head with an additional x-/y-axis-system. This makes the path programming easier and increases the cuttings precision. Especially in the automotive industries where multiple different types of holes e.g. antenna holes are cut out very late in the manufacturing process the system allows a technology exchange such as from rigid punching to flexible laser cutting.

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