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Well-known manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines use CHRocodile sensors as supplements to touch probes and 2-dimensional analysis. Due to the large variety of parts analyzed on industry standard CMMs, the large aperture and measurement range of the CHRocodile SE and 3mm probe prove to be very well suited. The high measuring speed reduces the time needed to gather surface topography information. Even slanted and polished surfaces are measured precisely. CHRocodile technology is not only found on coordinate measuring machines, but is also the leading provider for topographic 3-D systems to measure thickness, roughness, flatness, TTV, bow, warp and other standard requirements.

CHRocodile S / SE
Chromatic confocal distance measurement for the most demanding applications

The manufacturers of coordinate measuring machines and topography systems place great value on precision, quality and service. It is no wonder that leading companies use our sensors like the CHRocodile SE in combination with high aperture measuring heads for the most demanding applications. The reasons for this include the universal applicability of the sensors on all surfaces, the great precision, dynamics and high measuring speeds. With a focus on new development and cutting edge products, Precitec is able to provide these companies with the best technology to meet their customer’s needs.

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