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Thickness regardless of color or temperature

CHRocodile sensors are designed to measure the thickness and topography of glass regardless of its color, shape, temperature, and even most markings. The potential application areas are diverse, ranging from inline wall thickness on container glass, to total thickness variation on display glass and the thickness and curvature of lenses. Even measurements of ovality and topography are easily determined with the high speed, non-contact chromatic measurements. Temperatures of 1,700°C are even acceptable for precise measurements.

CHRocodile M4
Non-contact wall thickness of container glass

During the production of container glass, high speed, non-contact wall thickness and ovality measurements are important, especially in-line. The CHRocodile M4 sensor, with up to four channels and independent probes can deliver 4,000 measurements each second to monitor thickness in the neck, shoulder, flat and heel. Even non-round bottles are able to be measured thanks to specialized probes with high numerical aperture optics. The small spot size enables flaw detection with no additional calibration on site. This, and the ability to measure on nearly all bottles, regardless of ambient or bottle temperature make the CHRocodile M4 the standard of the glass industry.

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