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Process monitoring of thickness & topography

There are CHRocodile sensors available which are based on both interferometric and chromatic measurement techniques. On materials ranging from solar glass to silicon wafers, we are able to precisely measure both thickness and structure across the entire surface, even at the edge. The determination of topographical features, the simultaneous measurement of thickness and topography, and the real time thickness monitoring for etch and grinding control are just a few examples of how CHRocodile sensors can be used in the photovoltaic marketplace.

CHRocodile MI5
In-line measurement of solar wafers

The modular version of our standard CHRocodile IT, the CHRocodile MI5, has been developed for monitoring production quality inline at high speeds. With flexible configurations, both the thickness and structure can be determined during the production process. Only one probe is required to measure thickness from a single side, and the MI5 is able to accommodate up to 5 probes. There are no moving parts or electronics in the probe itself, so with a simple protective housing, it is even possible to measure in very harsh environments such as chemical etching. The small measurement spot size enables measurement even at the edges of the wafers.

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CHRocodile S / SE
Feature height on solar cells

The manufacturing costs and quality requirements related to solar materials are largely responsible for determining the production methods used. The measurement of finger heights and the geometry of conducting paths are the deciding factor for the rejection and reliability of products. With the CHRocodile SE optical sensor, the topography of solar materials is readily measured thanks to the high dynamic range and ability to automatically adapt based on the reflectivity of the surface itself. This sensor can be integrated directly into the production process or used under laboratory conditions.

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