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Correct during manufacturing

Regardless of the strength of preforms or PET bottles, the foil gauge should be precisely determined during manufacturing as well as packaging - you are in a good place with CHRocodile sensors. Based on interferometric and chromatic measuring processes, they provide important information in order to recognize, asses and remove possible problems in the manufacturing process. The high measuring speed makes it possible to use controls during production. Our sensors have been proven in the topography measurement of foils and other plastics, the measurement of wall strength of blister and PET, PP and EVOH and the layer gauge determination of transparent coating by well-known manufacturers.

Product recommendation
CHRocodile S / SE
CHRocodile SE
  • distance and topography
  • highly dynamic
  • measuring on all surfaces
CHRocodile K
CHRocodile K
  • Transparent and opaque plastic films
  • Measurement from one side
  • Inline und Offline
CHRocodile IT TW
CHRocodile IT TW
  • thin wafer
  • transparent and opaque plastic films
  • measurements from one side
  • inline and offline
  • high lateral resolution
  • maintenance-free & robust
  • simple to integrate
  • nondestructive measurement
  • wide measuring distance tolerance range
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