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Laser cutting, joining technology and optical measuring technology

Our most important competence: We listen and understand our customer's needs. Thereby, we concentrate on three areas of application: laser cutting, joining technology and optical measuring technology. 

The precise cut

Our laser cutting heads are manufactured from high-quality materials and are state of the art technology. That makes them solid. Even under the most difficult process conditions, our systems guarantee you a stable process. The integrated sensor technology provides a coordinated machining process. Our customers discover a plus in productivity, quality and process safety in this manner. 

Wide range

The comprehensive product range offers various laser cutting heads for different applications. Thus, our customers can decide for themselves which product matches their specific requirements and system requirements. 

Putting together what belongs together

Our intelligent welding heads enable quality monitoring of joints. The provide an absolutely positive welding result, close to the 100% mark and thus, for smooth 24 hour operation. 

How does that work? Precitec provides not only a welding head or monitoring system alone, but both together in one. And they are calibrated to each other. Intelligent sensors monitor the welding process throughout all phases. 

The dimension of things

CHRocodile sensors and sensor systems of Precitec Optronik are technology and quality leaders on distance and layer gauge measurement. The stand for robustness, dynamics and the highest precision. Preferred area of application: the nanometer to centimeter range. We measure with extreme precision. And that even "Inline" during the production process. That in turn means: Our measurements are not only absolutely exact, but also extremely fast. This way you are able to detect deviations as soon as they occur. 

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