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Can you believe it? Fabtech 2019 begins next Monday!
A small teaser below to what you can expect to see at our booth. (B17107)


Our all new ProCutter 2.0 (8kW and 15+ kW) à featuring optimized gas flow and industry standard sensors for a larger process window and improved diagnostic capabilities

FormCutter Plus – the best of both worlds, a robotic CNC + cutting system, 50 mm working window, extremely high tolerance, and complete programming software package

ProCutter Zoom à featuring the ability to change your spot size/energy density with full optical control up to 4x the magnification of the original spot 


WeldMaster à an Industry 4.0 product that is ready for aluminum batteries, closures and BiW production. The WeldMaster is an all-encompassing tool that gives you the complete package and full control of your welding process. Special algorithmic windows are defined by the end user and optimized by the system to produce your perfect weld each time by controlling energy distribution, scanning width, frequency all while tracking and inspecting the seam in real time.


YC52 with OCT for closed loop control à follow the link below to find out more about this breakthrough in process control for additive manufactuing


 Contact us for more information at info(at)precitec.com or message our team directly.

 See you next week!

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