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Laser welding using optical coherence tomography

Nowadays the laser is a conventional tool used in industrial manufacturing for a wide variety of applications, from subtractive to additive, from cutting to welding. A major topic in production today is digitalisation and Industry 4.0. In this context the laser is playing a dominant role, because it is possible to produce a part directly from a digital model by contactless processing. This unique feature allows monitoring processes with smart devices, which is a key issue of Industry 4.0.

Spring 2019 - The "Laser User" Magazine

Fastest line sensors measuring tiniest structures

Semiconductor technology is celebrating a very special global jubilee: the law that is only valid for semiconductors turns 50 - Moore’s Law - it states that the complexity (sometimes also the level of integration) of integrated circuits doubles, depending on the source, every 18 to 24 months. In parallel and almost as impetuously as the digital revolution, which triggered this law, is the ongoing development of optical measurement techniques for semiconductors. Line sensors based on chromatic-confocal technology are nowadays state of the art. This report describes the technology and the results of this measurement technique for the smallest structures in the micrometer range.

Line sensor CHRocodile CLS

Keyhole Depth is just a Distance

Talking about laser welding predominately means talking about the generation of a keyhole, the physics behind and invariably the depth of this steam capillary. Having the ability to measure this depth would undoubtedly raise the confidence in laser welding and also raise the quality of the processed part on a higher level. With the IDM (In-Process Depth Meter), Precitec developed a sensor system that is able to measure the depth of the keyhole in-process. On the basis of low-coherence interferometry, with a high robustness of the measured values against process emissions, the system is perfectly qualified to provide the measurement that the industry has been asking about for decades.

Laser welding / laser monitoring / IDM

Sep 2013 - magazine "Laser Technik Journal"

Laser surface modifications at Tata Steel

In the manufacture of steel strip work, components have to perform in exceptionally aggressive environments and withstand service at high temperatures in corrosive atmospheres under mechanical wear and frequent and heavy impact loading. Conventionally, components that are subject to high wear or corrosion have often been manufactured from rich chemistry steels or hardfaced using submerged arc clad martensitic stainless steels (MSSs) to increase their service life and therefore maximize line throughput by extending maintenance intervals without any sacrifice to product quality.

Laser welding / laser cladding / YC52

Sep / Oct 2013 - magazine "Industrial Laser Solutions"

Weld spot in the limelight

The camera of Precitec’s coaxial LPF seam tracking system directly observes carroof seams through the welding optics. In the example described here, two line generators positioned on top of one another create two light stripes that run perpendicular to the weld about 3 to 5 mm in front of and behind the weld spot. 

Laser welding / process monitoring / LPF

May / June 2011 - magazine "Welding and Cutting" - 03/2011 

Intelligent high-power welding head

For the challenging task of welding variable joint positions, the tools of choice are intelligent welding heads, which measure the position of the joint in order to place the weld seam at the correct position. 

Laser welding / process monitoring / WoobleTracker

May 2010 - magazine "TUBE & PIPE TECHNOLOGIES" - 03/2010 

Smart laser welding heads provide excellent quality

concerted functionality enables high productivity and efficiency

Equipped with pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, single-mode fibre lasers and “conventional” CO2 lasers, the BBW Lasertechnik GmbH in Prutting, Upper Bavaria, tackles cutting, drilling, inscribing and welding tasks. BBW mainly processes sophisticated small components in stainless steel, spring band steel, steel and aluminium. 

Laser welding / process monitoring / LWM 

Sep 2009 - magazine "LASER TECHNIK JOURNAL" - 05/2009 

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