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Laser Path Finder LPF - system description

Laser Path Finder LPF - system description

The Laser Path Finder LPF recognizes the position of the component to be joined and it controls the sensory determination of the joining position and also the exact positioning of the welding head with linear axes. It works according to the triangulation principle and optionally with a field light for position detection in technical zero-gaps.

Configuration examples:
Laser Path Finder LPF - system description
Laser Path Finder LPF - off-axial solution
Laser Path Finder LPF - coaxial solution
Laser Path Finder LPF - with Wobble Tracker
  • pre-process monitoring system
  • self-sufficient real time measuring system
  • applicable to all welding seam geometries
  • highly-precise positioning of welding tools in lateral and vertical directions
  • independent of system controls through the use of compact correction axes
  • compensation for robot errors and component tolerances
  • camera type (coaxial, off-axial): 60 Hz - 1.5 kHz (depending on model)
  • work distance: 45 - 200 mm (depending on model)
  • machine types: robot, multi-axes, portal and orbital systems
  • welding process: solid-state, diode and CO2 lasers
  • material: steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium
  • joining geometry: T joint, corner joint, flange, V/Y joint, edge weld and butt joint with zero-gap
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