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WeldMaster Track Compact

WeldMaster Track Compact

WeldMaster Track Compact recognizes the position of the joining components in combination with linear drives and enables the exact positioning of the laser welding head. The sensor system (camera) is located upstream of the laser welding process and works according to the triangulation principle. Optionally, gray image illumination for butt joint detection can be added to the scope.

    • high-precision positioning of the welding tool
    • reduction of downtime
    • increase of quality through reproducible welding process
    • significant reduction of the reject rate
    • documentation of process results such as component positioning or welding seam preparation
    • rapid amortization of investment costs

    Possible customer applications:
    • automobile and ship construction
    • e-mobility (battery case)
    • tailored Welded Blanks
    • pipes & profiles
    • „White goods“
    • fieldbus interfaces
    • simple and intuitive operation with set-up wizzard and statistics module
    • easy integration into already existing systems
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