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LightCutter – for flatbed and bevel cutting systems

LightCutter – for flatbed and bevel cutting systems

Cutting heads of the LightCutter family are the perfect solution for efficient and cost-effective laser cutting in the medium power range up to 4 kW. They allow the manufacture of parts made of stainless steel and aluminum in the melting section up to 20 mm and mild steel of up to 25 mm using oxide cutting to produce reproducibly in high quality.

Depending on the field of application different configurations are available. If the LightCutter is suitable for the integration in flatbed and simple pipe and profile cutting systems, the LightCutter 3D masters complex cuts on pipes, profiles and free shapes up to 45° bevel cut contour. For both fields of application it is possible to equip the LightCutter with the automated adjustment of axial focus position (LightCutter Motorized). 

Configuration examples:
LightCutter 2.0 Motorized - the new generation of efficient cutting heads
LightCutter – for flatbed and bevel cutting systems
  • excellent value for money
  • very high cutting speed and optimal edge quality
  • motorized or manual focus adjustment 
  • straight or angled versions
  • different fiber plugs (QBH, D)
  • simple setting of focal position in lateral/vertical direction
LightCutter / LightCutter 3D
  • max. laser power: 3 kW
  • focal lengths collimation (FC): 75 mm, 100 mm (LightCutter 3D: 100 mm)
  • focal lengths (FF): 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm (LightCutter 3D: 150 mm)
  • NAmax: 0.16 at FC75, 0.12 at FC100 (LightCutter 3D: 0.12 at FC100)
  • vertical adjustment range: -5 mm / +3 mm

LightCutter Motorized /LightCutter Motorized 3D
  • max. laser power: 4 kW
  • focal length collimation (FC): 100 mm
  • focal lengths (FF): 125 mm, 150 mm (LightCutter Motorized 3D: 150 mm)
  • NAmax: 0.12 at FC100
  • vertical adjustment range: -9 mm/ +4 mm
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