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MiniCutter – for 2D and 3D applications

MiniCutter – for 2D and 3D applications

The MiniCutter is a real all-round talent. It is compact, light and cuts thin metals efficiently and cheaply with fiber guided laser of up to 1 kW.

The fast-reaction distance control system guarantees a constant cutting quality particularly when cutting complexes shapes. The slim design enables a high accessibility for cutting strongly curved parts.

But not only in robotic applications the processing head has many advantages. Also in flatbed cutting the MiniCutter 2D is working very well thanks to the compact shape of the sensor insert.

  • cuts thin metals efficiently and cheaply
  • simple and rapid changing of protective window cartridge (no tools required)
  • simple adjustment of focal position in lateral and vertical direction
  • temperature stable distance control
  • Plug & Play system
  • max. laser power: 1 kW (for wavelengths of 1030-1090 nm)
  • NAmax: 0.13 at FC75
  • focal lengths
    • MiniCutter 2D: 100 mm, 125 mm
    • MiniCutter 3D: 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm
  • vertical adjustment range of focal position: ±4 mm
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