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ProCutter – the cutting head for every task

ProCutter – the cutting head for every task

Dynamic laser cutting machines require lightweight, intelligent cutting heads. Even installed in the smallest possible space, the ProCutter offers a fully-integrated sensor system that monitors the cutting process and provides the user with relevant information. The head ensures a processing with up to 15 kW and that each component can be reproducibly manufactured at a high standard of quality. 

The ProCutter offers a complete solution for the laser-based fusion cutting of thin and medium material thicknesses in the wavelength range around 1 μm. In flame cutting, greater material thicknesses can also be processed while maintaining high standards of quality. The potential of the cutting head is optimally converted into productivity, especially in the case of flatbed and pipe cutting machines, where innovative technologies are combined with proven concepts, providing the best possible performance, range of flexibility and degree of reliability.

The ProCutter APP is used to visualize the state of the laser cutting head and the query of error messages.

Configuration examples:
ProCutter – the cutting head for every task
ProCutter Manual
ProCutter Zoom 2.0
PierceTec - technological package for brilliantly cutting edges
  • motorized focus position adjustment for automatic machine setup and piercing work
  • lightweight and slim design created for fast acceleration and cutting speed
  • drift-free, fast-reacting distance measurement
  • permanent protective window monitoring
  • straight and angled design versions adapted to the machine concept
  • completely dustproof beam path with protective windows
  • LED operating status display
  • display of operating parameters via Bluetooth® and interface for machine control
  • pressure monitoring in the nozzle area (gas cutting) and in the head
    • ProCutter up to 6 kW (with wave lengths of 1030 - 1090 nm)
      • collimation length: 100 mm
      • focus lengths FF: 125, 150, 175, 200 mm
      • NAmax: 0.13
      • dimension (WxD): 92 x 115 mm
      • weight: 4.2 kg (FF125)

    • ProCutter up to 15 kW (with wave lengths of 1030 - 1090 nm
      • collimation length FC: 100 mm
      • focus lengths FF: 150, 200 mm
      • NAmax: 0.13
      • dimension (WxD): 92 x 115 mm
      • weight: 4.9 kg (FF150)
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