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SpeedCutter: laser cutting on the fly

SpeedCutter: laser cutting on the fly

The SpeedCutter is an extremely light cutting head, which can be used particularly in the automotive industry with its high laser power, as well as a cutting speed of up to 140 m/min and an acceleration of up to 10 G. Even under those extraordinarily circumstances, he achieves an excellent cutting quality. 2D metal sheet cutting can be produced “on the fly”, directly from the coil.

The SpeedCutter can be perfectly used as an alternative to punching for coil/ thin metal sheets of 0.6 to 2 mm. The decisive advantages are the minimized necessity of tools, flexible adjustment of the part geometry as well as material saving through “nesting”. The SpeedCutter is very resilient and can be run with very little maintenance procedures due to its optimized design. To guarantee a reliable function, the SpeedCutter is equipped with a protective glass to keep away splashes of melted materials, metal dust or polluted cutting gas from internal lenses.

  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • very high cutting speed and good edge quality
  • simple, quick and tool-free exchange of the protective glass
  • temperature and plasma resistant distance control
  • sealed optical path
  • adjustment of the focal position in lateral and vertical direction
  • max. laser power: 6 kW (wavelengths 1030 - 1090 nm)
  • focal lengths collimation (FC): 75 mm
  • focal lengths (FC): 75 mm
  • NAmax: 0.16 at FC75
  • dimensions (WxD): 54 x 54 mm
  • weight: 1.9kg
  • vertical adjustment range: -2 mm / +2 mm
  • max cutting gas pressure: 25 bar
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