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All-In-Light – the optical complete solution for super high power laser cutting

All-In-Light – the optical complete solution for super high power laser cutting

The All-In-Light system offers efficiency of >30 percent as well as exceptional beam and cutting quality. Laser power is available from 1 kW to 8 kW to suit the broad range of application needs required by our customers. The Ytterbium-YAG-disk, with a thickness of a few hundred micrometers, is the core of the laser. Due to the unique resonant design, highly reflective materials can be processed without restrictions. With the real time sensors included in the laser, a performance stability of ±1 percent is achieved, which guarantees a permanent quality.

Our service for your productivity
Maintenance is provided solely by Precitec and there is comfort in knowing that 80% of the time it can be performed without onsite work, thanks to integrated remote access. If a service call is required, Precitec can promptly dispatch service engineers who have access to a complete inventory of spare parts. Our aim is to globally support you throughout the entire process. 

  • performance stability ± 1 percent
  • exceptional beam quality
  • user friendly software interface
  • energy-saving modes
  • service friendly due to remote diagnosis and modular design
  • easy exchange of pump modules by skilled customers
  • plug & play for all fiber optic cables with ≥ 75µm diameter
  • enlarged environmental conditions (max. temperature of up to 50°C, max. air humidity 100% @ 32°C)
  • combinable with technological package PierceTec LIS
  • available interfaces include digital I/O or all usual fieldbus-systems
  • laser power at workpiece: 1-12 kW
  • beam quality: 2 mm x mrad respectively 4 mm x mrad
  • min. diameter of laser light cable: 50 µm respectively 100 µm
  • length of laser light cable: 10-50 m
  • environmental temperature: 10-50 °C
  • max. relative air humidity: 100 % at 32 °C
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