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CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE

CHRocodile 2 S/2 SE

Next generation models of CHRocodile sensors offering up to 66.000 measurements/second. With a white light LED they are ideal for non-contact surface profiling and thickness measurements.

The extraordinarily high dynamics range and excellent signal to noise ratio of the CHRocodile sensors ensure the best results on surfaces with differing reflectivity and from different angles. Sensors can be simply switched from chromatic-confocal mode to interferometric mode, and are universally applicable in quality assurance and production.

  • high measuring speed
  • large graphic display
  • distance and topography
  • wide thickness measuring range
  • measurements on all surfaces
  • inline and offline
  • simple to integrate
  • maintenance free and robust
  • noncontact measurement
  • measurements / second: CHRocodile 2 SE: 66000; CHRocodile 2 S: 20000
  • interferometric measuring range: 3 µm - 180 µm;
  • chromatic measuring range: depends on used optical probe
  • resolution: 10-7 x upper measuring range limit; higher resolution upon request
  • reproducibility: 9 x 10-5 x upper measuring range limit
  • synchronization with external devices: trigger input, synchronizing output, 5 encoder inputs
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