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Focus Monitoring System

Focus Monitoring System

In laser welding applications optimum focusing of the laser on the workpiece is crucial for high-quality welding results. Detuning the workpiece from its ideal axial position leads to a degradation in welding quality. In the worst case there will be welding failures. Such detunings may originate from workpiece tolerances, non-ideal clamping devices, or other positioning inaccuracies. 

To prevent such focus-related welding failures, the FocusFinder monitors the axial position of the workpiece. Thanks to a collinear setup with the measurement beam propagating along the same axis as the laser beam, the measurement can be done just before the welding with the workpiece already in place. This minimizes the process time impact and allows for corrections before starting the welding process.

  • Improved quality through identification and rejection of parts with welding failures
  • High-quality welding results through exact focus control
  • No shadowing but exact positioning thanks to collinearity of light beam and laser beam
  • Combination with Precitec LWM (Laser Welding Monitor) possible
  • Flexible and fast measurement of any arbitrary point on a workpiece due to scanning optics
  • Measuring rate: up to 60 Hz
  • Axial measuring range: 10 mm, depends on focusing of welding machine
  • Accuracy  ± 50 µm 
  • Spot Diameter 400 µm (Depends on focusing optics of welding machine)
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